Investment Approach

A stable, diversified group of algorithmic trading strategies that support systematic investment decisions - and help sustain continuous and sustainable asset appreciation. The machine learning driven investment approach thrives in making its own intelligent decisions with one robotic eye on generating short, mid and long term alpha, and the other on effectively managing risk in a fully algorithmic trading way. The excess return is subsequently invested into real-estate which is the core of the company's balance sheet and supports risk adjusted, longer term and sustainable wealth creation through asset appreciation and rental income among other streams

Algorithmic Trading Technology

The Algo\River algorithmic trading solution is a machine learning (ML) software platform that took 7+ years to design and develop and has more than 3.8 million lines of code. It was designed to automatically execute trades based on a set of pre-determined forward looking strategies that rely on automated supervised learning using what we call cyclical regression

The platform uses a combination of various financial metrics, such as cycle analysis, seasonality, aggregated retail order book data, and smart money versus dumb money among many other data points in order to make informed trading decisions. The platform supports more than 2600 financial instruments and offers a library of 130+ trading strategies that trade across different asset classes, including US indices, bonds, forex, metals, US stocks, commodities, and more. Cycle analysis is a method of studying market patterns and trends by deriving underlying harmonics in price data. By identifying these recurring patterns, the platform supports the real time prediction of future price movements hence allowing it to make statisticaly adjusted trading decisions

By tracking these different behaviours, the platform can therefore make informed trading decisions and potentially take advantage of market inefficiencies. The algorithmic trading platform runs in a fully automated fashion, which allows for fast and efficient trading decisions by connecting to external brokers. The core trading and investment process therefore eliminates the need for manual intervention, which can often lead to errors and delays in trade execution